Smartshopping solutions

Connecting customers and merchants through premium media

In 2022, we brought our advertisers over $25 mln in GMV

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Fresh audience and revenue stream for brands and media-partners

Diverse solutions for multi-channel access to savvy shoppers

We combine awareness-boosting tools with high-performing channels to deliver to the brands a cost-efficient promotion: online-media placements, paid traffic, influencers, cross-promotion and many more.

No pain, but much gain!

We bring our media-partners to the next level of monetization with the years of experience and decent expertise in “savvy-marketing”. Editorial and commercial teams perform due to the best in-market practices.

Smart Shopping guide for customers to make the most of their purchases

We carefully collect deals and coupons to provide cherry-pickers with the best experience while online-shopping


Open a new customer acquisition channel with premium media

Launch an ad campaign on target media. Advertisements are smoothly integrated into the user’s context.

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Launch a new revenue stream based on your audience

We successfully connect shoppers with more than 2,000 retail, travel, and online services around the world across a wide range of categories.

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